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Naming the wrong names

Scrolling through my Twitter feed today I saw a tweet from Public Advocate Letitia James touting her new NYC Landlords Watchlist, which names the 100 worst landlords in the city. The list is compiled using building violation data from the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on oligarchy

Is it disingenuous to not think of the United States as an oligarchy when the brother of a former president (their dad was also a former president) has a decent chance of being our next president, as does the wife of a … Continue reading

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Speaking of #fail

I’m going to unpack this tweet I made earlier today, mostly because it doesn’t make sense without context (140 characters, sorry) and because the column in question is frustrating insofar as it relates to Occupy Wall Street (lol remember that?). I … Continue reading

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3 great pieces of coverage on the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War

The U.S. invaded Iraq ten years ago on March 20, heralding the start of the Iraq War. ABC News is reporting the U.S. government is not marking the occasion as there are “no official commemorations planned in either Washington or … Continue reading

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Jobless? Get out of the city

I recently read an article called Young, Privileged, and Applying for Food Stamps on (“everything about money you were too polite to ask”). The author relates how she, a college graduate who lives in Brooklyn, can’t find a media … Continue reading

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