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Naming the wrong names

Scrolling through my Twitter feed today I saw a tweet from Public Advocate Letitia James touting her new NYC Landlords Watchlist, which names the 100 worst landlords in the city. The list is compiled using building violation data from the … Continue reading

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Speaking of #fail

I’m going to unpack this tweet I made earlier today, mostly because it doesn’t make sense without context (140 characters, sorry) and because the column in question is frustrating insofar as it relates to Occupy Wall Street (lol remember that?). I … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Our Town gives the new mayor an East Side primer. This piece was originally published in Our Town on Jan. 2.  Hello Mr. Mayor, Happy New Year and welcome to the Upper East Side. We’re glad you decided to live … Continue reading

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Notes on a protest: their presence is their message

What are the occupier’s demands? Everyone wants to know what the protestors want.  It’s as if Occupy Wall Street took the world’s attention hostage and everyone wants to know what their demands are so they can get to the next … Continue reading

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Government censorship – alive and well

The original conflict journalist faced the same government pressure to not report the truth about war as his modern counterparts. William Howard Russell was a British journalist for The Times who was commissioned to cover the Crimean War in the … Continue reading

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