Albany rapper B-Martin enters T-Pain contest


Brendan Martin (AKA B-Martin) is an Albany, NY, based rapper on top of his game with a constant stream of new music, videos and self-promotion. His latest move is entering a T-Pain contest that has artists dropping an original verse on T-Pain’s song Motivated. Not only did B-Martin enter the contest, he went above and beyond by making a music video to accompany his verse, one of the only contestants to do so. The best track wins a spot on T-Pain’s forthcoming mix tape Prevolver.

B-Martin says his motivation comes from being in that moment when the beat simply takes over and becomes a part of him. “I like to let the beat guide me in what I write,” said B-Martin. “I literally rap what comes off the tip of my tongue when I hear a beat, and structure the song around that flow and concept.”

B-Martin heard about the contest through fellow rapper Bagginz, also based in New York. B-Martin said Bagginz has been huge in promoting his entry for the contest. As soon as he got the people from his SeeSaw Studios together, the game was on.

The video definitely enhances B-Martin’s track, but his verse is what may seal the deal. The flow is dead on, the lyrics compliment T-Pain’s verse perfectly, and you can tell he is hungry for the win that will get his name out there even more. In one line, B-Martin sums up where his head is at in entering this contest:

“Cause I know there’s a door to be opened, and this track

right here could be my foot in.”

So far in his career B-Martin has cut several original songs as well as opened for the likes of Jadakiss, Juelz Santana, Fabolous, Talib Kweli and the Wu-Tang Clan. He also shoots videos for many of his tracks and collaborates with other area artists. With thousands of fans on Facebook and over 9,000 views of his Motivated video on YouTube, you’re bound to hear more from this up and coming New York rapper.

“I plan on making better videos and better music to hold peoples attention,” said B-Martin. “Now that I have everybody looking, I want to exceed their expectations.”

Catch B-Martin with Mac Miller on January 1st and Chris Webby on January 29th.

Find B-Martin on Facebook, view his music video for the Motivated contest here.

Update 01/29/11: B-Martin won the T-Pain contest and will be featured on T-Pain’s upcoming Prevolver mix tape.

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Staff writer for the Manhattan weeklies Our Town, Our Town Downtown and the West Side Spirit.
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