Freedom Drive and Democracy Lane

Today I cruised past the trailer park in Washingtonville, N.Y., where I spent a good chunk of my childhood, from birth to about eight-years-old.

I remember playing hockey in the street with my dad and the space beneath our trailer that my mom and sister told me was a dungeon for boys who misbehave. I believed them, but not enough to stop me from doing the things young boys do. As I got older I began to have my doubts, but now I can finally say with a high degree of certitude that no such dungeon ever existed. Unless…

There was a trailer here in 1987.

About Daniel Fitzsimmons

Staff writer for the Manhattan weeklies Our Town, Our Town Downtown and the West Side Spirit.
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1 Response to Freedom Drive and Democracy Lane

  1. Mom says:

    You forgot the rats….

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